Girl Meets Boy


I met James online via a popular dating site. He was smart, quirky, funny and we had an instant connection.  We liked the same music, watched the same shows, read the same books, liked the same foods, had the same dreams and found in each other a sense of home.  We were immediate best friends and we texted all the time.  When we weren’t texting, we saw each other any free moment we had.

He said was “done looking” within one week of meeting me, going so far as to break up with his current girlfriend via text in my presence.  I thought that I was the luckiest girl in the world, that any pain I had ever experienced was worth it because I felt so completely loved and adored.  I deserved this happily ever after in the making.

This feeling of warm and comforting bliss would last all of three weeks.

I now know that he was mirroring my traits as all good sociopaths do so that he could start the classic process of love-bombing, future faking, devaluing and eventually discarding me. This is typical, predictable, textbook sociopath behavior.  Although with James, I switched it up the littlest bit and discarded him first.  But that’s a story for another day.


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