Dear James, Part 9

Dear James,

Happy October!   With the change of seasons from summer to fall, I was wondering if you’d had a change of heart and thought at all about apologizing to me?   No?  You still think you are the victim?  You have millions of miles to go, my friend.  So do I, compliments of you. Because we both kndomesticviolence2ow your part in why October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

October of 2015 was a busy month for me.  Off the charts abuse in Japan.  Scheduling a visit to a women’s shelter.  Feeling humiliation and despair over accepting the fact that I loved an abusive man.  I mean, who loves someone who treats them as if they are literally and absolutely nothing?  Oh right, I do!  I don’t think I realized then how much Domestic Violence Awareness Month would mean to the both of us.  Look, we still share something!

Quick question for you.  Is that something you incorporate into your resume or, even better, your online dating profile or messages to prospective dates?  You know, you being an abuser?   Or more specificially, a narcissistic sociopath.  (You should really look that up if you haven’t already.  I keep meaning to tell you that.)  Anyway, if you don’t, let me help you.  I’m pretty good with stuff like this.  Let’s see. I’ve got it!

Uber urban and scholarly dad who is adept at twisting the fuck out of your mind, body and lovely soul.  My charm, attention, future faking and flattery will surely win your heart as it has all the women in my life .  I love keeping up with your day-to-day.  But don’t worry, you don’t need to tell me where you are or what you’ve been up.  I’ve got that covered and will keep an eye on your every move.  Think of me as a Romeo of Big Brothers.  Buckle your seatbelt, sweet girl.  You are in for the ride of a lifetime.

Okay, so that’s not my best work.  I know I could sprinkle some extra pizzaz on all the ways you are truly a scholar in being domestically violent.  Let me count the ways!  Maybe specifics on why that seatbelt needs to be fastened so tightly?  And why the ride of a lifetime might actually render that sweet girl paralyzed?

You want to know something?  You are so fucking good at what you do.  I wish I could offer you a hearty round of applause startng with a slow clap.  I am so glad that there is a month to celebrate YOU!  I hope you enjoy every single minute.




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