Off the Grid

I have not been writing as often lately.  The knowledge that James has found my little spot in the world to be open and free has affected my ability to turn my thoughts into keystrokes.  This is unacceptable to me.   James has zero right to know what is happening inside of my mind or whathomestreading‘s happening in my life.

With the above said, I’m not going anywhere and this isn’t over.  I owe it to my daughter to speak the truth of what happened to me.  I did not deserve this.  All of our daughters deserve to live in a world where there is culpability for men who, with their covert and overt violence, prey on women.  So I press on, as uncomfortable as this is, because it is the right thing to do.

What happened to me is so very wrong.  But I refuse to sweep it under the rug because that is just as wrong.  And here’s the thing.  What happened to me?  It happens every single day to women who’ve done absolutely nothing to deserve what they endure.  And while there will never be closure with James and men like him, there can be culpability.

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