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If you stumbled upon my blog and need help, please know that you are not alone.  Abuse is difficult to identify when we are entrenched. Love and adoration are mixed with trauma, contempt, isolation and deep pain to keep us confused and doubting ourselves.  

Trust your instincts.  They are there to help protect you when your heart is held hostage and your brain has been rewired to expect the highs and lows that accompany abuse.

If you are thinking of leaving an abusive relationship, please do so safely.  Even if you believe your abuser would never harm you, I urge you to develop a safety plan.  Leaving any kind of domestically violent relationship is dangerous.

Please refer to the resources below for assistance:

The National Domestic Violence Hotline

Genesis Women’s Shelter

The National Sexual Assault Hotline

Sociopath/Narcissistic Abuse Support 

If you are new to my blog and you’d like to read about how I’ve learned to live a life free of my abuser, start here:

The Beginning

And if you’re already one of my sister-friends, my newest entries are just below this post.  

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