Small Things

So many small happy things!

  • Claire got a part in the spring musical.  I’m always in awe of her drive and talent.  I was talking to my mom the other day and she commented on how she didn’t think there was anything that Claire couldn’t do.
  • Charlie was accepted to an awesome college and given two crazy great scholarships.  One of which only 10 incoming freshman receive.  He will be too far away for my liking but you gotta let the little birds fly.
  • Tater (my fat dachshund) has embraced his green bean diet.  And do not called the ASPCA or play some sad as eff Sarah McLaughlin for me, he’s getting regular food as well.
  • Edison (fluffy terrier) now snuggles under the blankets with Tater.  He is 9 and has never done this before.  By the way?  He thinks Sarah McLaughlin is lovely but tears up at any talk of angels’ arms.
  • Finishing up an exhausting but exceedingly interesting international conversion at work.  (Doing contract work at an amazing Swedish firm.)  It’s a bunch of technical stuff I had no idea that I’d like so much.
  • Had an evening of hopeful talk and wine in front of a roaring fire on a frigidly cold night with a dear friend.
  • Slayed a nasty case of chronic bronchitis like the badass I am, not missing any time from work or fun stuff in the process.  God bless my trusty Proair inhaler.
  • Received editorial interest in a meaningful article I wrote.
  • Got Hamilton tickets for Christmas (am I the only one in Chicago who has not seen it) and tickets to Waitress for later in the summer!
  • Was reminded in ways small and large how loved I am.
  • Discovered a Mexican restaurant that is ridiculously good.  This is not always an easy task in suburbia and I totally mastered it.
  • Have found a penny on the ground each and every day.


I mean c’mon!  It’s only January 4th and all this?  I think sometimes in my writing it’s not always clear that my life is cozy and good.  Yes, it’s hard and everything James should not have happened to me.  But there is happy to be found even so.

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