During the early part of our relationship, James told me that nearly every woman he’d dated had been raped or molested.   At the time, I thought nothing more of him revealing that fact other than the man I loved had such understanding and compassion for us walking wounded.  Such a gentle and caring man!… Continue reading Gold


In the medical field, it is becoming more and more common for doctors to admit fault, apologize and make financial amends to patients they have unintentionally injured or harmed.  Through research, risk assessors have determined that this proactive and corrective action decreases the number of patients who bring malpractice claims against physicians and the hospitals… Continue reading Damages


When I was an undergrad at the University of Iowa, “A Woman Was Raped Here” was spray-painted on the sidewalks throughout campus.  I don’t believe that it was university approved, rather something the local women’s advocacy center might have done. The one I remember vividly was on the bridge over the Iowa River that divides… Continue reading Pathway