As you may know from reading my past entries, I used to be a shopgirl.  It was, beyond any doubt, the happiest thing I’ve ever done professionally.  I miss it

Hang in There

Morning, sunshines!  I was reminded of something so wonderfully absurd yesterday.  As I’ve explained, the sociopath’s MO makes them remarkably predictable : Idealize>Devalue>Discard. These three things happen throughout a relationship

Start Here

If you stumbled upon my blog and need help, please know that you are not alone.  Abuse is difficult to identify when we are entrenched. Love and adoration are mixed


During the early part of our relationship, James told me that nearly every woman he’d dated had been raped or molested.   At the time, I thought nothing more of


In the medical field, it is becoming more and more common for doctors to admit fault, apologize and make financial amends to patients they have unintentionally injured or harmed.  Through